You have no idea how your very existence is vital to my own well being.
If you stopped breathing today, tomorrow, a year from now, or 30,
I would be so immeasurably broken.
I would be crushed beyond hope and repair.
You are the very rhythm of my soul.
Little bits of you coexist with mine
every minute, hour, day, night-
every line of poetry I’ve ever written has been about you.
Nothing could change the way I feel.
no person, no stretch of time, nor length of space
could ever, ever erase the ways in which I need you.
If there was ever anything in this world to convince me of soul mates,
it’s the time I’ve spent whispering words of smoke next to you.
Nothing has ever felt more real than the churning of my soul
that began when you left those very first ripples in your wake.
There’s nothing I will ever want more
than all that you are.

I will reply to messages and such when I return later tonight. Just wanted to let you guys know I’m back and haven’t forgotten about you or our conversations. Just had to take some me time the past few weeks and seclude myself from pretty much everyone, family included.

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